Everyone Benefits


The Executive Assistant

Draws $300 of his $1,000 monthly purchase allowance for a new printer. The manager sees the transaction real-time, or in daily / weekly reports, depending on notification settings.


The Entrepreneur

Who is tired of handing her business card to other employees for purchases. Simple, trusted controls, for all employee cards, now allow for such purchases, improving productivity and culture.


The Controller

Who supervises the per diem program of employees / contractors for an energy company. Ease, transparency, dynamic controls.


The Bookkeeper

Closes out the books knowing there are no unaccounted-for expenses. No more hounding for receipts, or an incomplete expense report.


The Business Owner

Who no longer has to wait until month end to see how much he must reimburse, because employees had to use their personal cards for expenses.


The Film Producer

Can now give infinitely configurable cards to everyone working on the production, according to various roles, all of which are tied to the budget.


The Non-Profit Worker

Who no longer needs a written letter of authorization to use the CEO’s card for purchasing a plane ticket at the airline counter in a far away city. Can now travel hassle free.


The Employee

Who can now request funds as needed, or transfer funds according to specified allowances, as well as tag and manage expenses seconds after a transaction.


The Supervisor

Approves a $110 purchase for copier paper while sitting in a very boring meeting. No more lending his corporate card.

Send money, not paperwork.

Say goodbye to untracked spending and slow expense reports.
No cost for the first year.1