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Dash is the enlightened choice for businesses to manage their expenses

Dash manages cash flow and expenses for teams that need to spend money in lots of different place at once, without wasting time filing paperwork or passing around a shared card or using their own personal cards or cash.

  • The smart new alternative to corporate expense cards: Dash allows businesses to set up a coroprate expense card program for all their employees without the need to go through credit checks, expensive account set up or late payment fees. Employees ID must be verified prior to cards being issued.
  • Paperless accountability: There’s no need for your employees to file expenses with Dash. With real time notifications and inbuilt app to upload receipts, add descriptions and categorize their expenses as per the approved company policy, your employees will spend more time getting stuff done rather than filing painstaking paperwork
  • You Save Money: Not only is the Dash expense card available at no cost, we also give you expense management software for free for the first twelve months. Additionally, through our research we found that employees on average spend 13 hours a month on filing expenses and reconciling receipts and the opportunity cost of lost time to manage expenses can be as high as $354,322 over the course of one year. Dash eliminates this time consuming and expensive process for your employees.

Dash vs Traditional Expense Management Software

Dash Traditional Corporate Expense Cards
Eligibility No Credit Check - since Dash is not a Credit Card, any legitimate, verifiable business can qualify and sign up for a Dash account. Business must complete Credit Check and eligibility
Account Setup Easy and simple sign up process to be completed by Primary Business Owner or Designated Administrator -- businesses can add as many employees as they like Every employee must sign up individually, typically not offered to all employees due to exposure against credit line
Flexibility & Control Businesses can send funds to employees' expense card accounts in real-time, and set up different spend controls and limits for different employees. Standard credit lines available to employees, no flexible and dynamic spend control available
Fees No Fees (set up or monthly or annual fees), DASH is a no-cost solution for your business Most card accounts have annual fees
Risks Dash is a prepaid MasterCard so businesses and their employees only spend the funds that are available and loaded into their accounts. Since Dash doesn't have overdraft services, you will have no risk of overdraft or overspend and there are no late fees or interests either. Interest charges and late fees apply
Integrated Expense Management Seamless and completely hassle free expense management built into your smartphone app for employers and employees to track, report and manage all their expenses Employees must keep track of their expenses, receipts and file paperwork and reports through third-party expense management software

The Best Expense Software Around

Dash Traditional Corporate Expense Cards
Paperwork and Tracking You file the expense report in real time You still have to do the work linking the transaction to the expense
Budgeting and Control You know your organization’s budget as you go Real time isn’t guaranteed as it’s not linked to the card and requires back-end work
Time & Effort Required You reply to an email or upload details in your app You still enter data manually
Speed of Reimbursement You’re done when you reply to the transaction email. In many cases you’re still waiting on a reimbursement

Dash Vs Other Reimbursement Methods

Dash Other Reimbursement Methods (Employees pay from out of pocket)
Paperwork and Tracking Employees don’t have to file for reimbursements Employees paying out of pocket in cash or using their personal line of credit
Budgeting and Control Dash keeps your funds ready when you need them, and not when you don’t. Employees wait for their reimbursement checks without benefiting from the delay in getting their money back and in some cases have to pay interest on their purchases

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