Get daily summaries

Stay up to date on transactions, card balances, and deposits with daily summaries. See where employees are spending, and who’s approving funding requests. Account administrators can choose to receive these summaries by email or text.
*Standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply.

Receive Transaction Notifications.

Get the details of transactions as they happen. Transaction time, location, and amount for each card swipe are captured within moments.

Customize expense categories for your business

Your dash account comes preconfigured with a rich set of expense categories for employees to choose from when logging transactions. Every business has a unique set of needs, so dash provides category customization. Add categories for projects, unique department needs, and more.

Integrate with accounting software

However you manage your accounting records, dash has you covered with exports in multiple formats. Export your transaction history in CSV, QuickBooks CSV, Excel, and even an archive of the receipt photos uploaded by your teams.

Freeze cards and suspend users easily

Just as dash makes adding members to your team easy, it also provides controls to manage those cards. Can’t find your card? Simply freeze it until it’s found, then unfreeze it with the touch of a button. Have seasonal employees or contractors? Disable that team member’s account and reactivate it when they return. There's no need to send out new cards.

Ready to make expense management a dash?

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