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Send money to employees and track purchases instantly, from anywhere.

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"The Future of Expense Management"

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Approve and monitor all spending from your employees

Built for teams

Dash manages cash flow and expenses for teams that need to spend money in lots of places at once, without wasting time filing paperwork or passing around a shared card.

Dash accounts can be activated for as many employees as you'd like, with the option to customize each card’s spending abilities.


Respond in real time

Employees can request funds, and their managers see the requests immediately. Managers can approve or deny the request live from their phones.

Immediate Availability

Funds are available on a card as soon as they're approved by a manager, so you can complete your transaction and get back to business.

Real Time NotificationsTransactions post to the Dash software just as quickly. No more waiting 4 days for a transaction to show up in your software.

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Paperless Accountability

Tag and manage every expense within seconds of a swipe.

Receipt Uploads



Control when money moves

Fund cards automatically, or only when approved by a manager. Set custom daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits, individually or for whole groups. With Dash, employees can have access and accountability at the same time.

Personalized profilesReview purchases, track spending, and set limits for every card and employee individually.

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Track, review, budget

The Dash Card comes with expense management software at no cost. Manage your company budget, cash outflows and expense tracking from a single app.

Dash works with your other softwareYou can download activity from Dash and use it with any software that accepts CSV or XLSX (Here's a list). Dash will be integrated with accounting software Xero and more integrations are coming soon.

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World class security

Know that the money you send is in good hands.

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Fraud Monitoring

24/7 Fraud Monitoring is in place to identify fraudulent transactions on your Dash Card.

MasterCard Zero Liability 2

“As a MasterCard cardholder, zero liability applies to your purchases made in the store, over the telephone, online, or via a mobile device.”

No Co-Signers Necessary

Stop sharing a manager’s card - every employee can have their own, without having to give access to corporate credit, and without making them co-signers for a business card.

Suspend any card, any time

Press pause on any card in real time from web or mobile. With Dash, you're in control of employee spending, all the time, no matter where you are.

Unsuspending a card is just as easyIf you paused a card due to a suspected loss or theft, but it’s a false alarm, you can switch it back on any time.

Send money, not paperwork.

Say goodbye to untracked spending and slow expense reports.
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