Case Study: How Does Dropoff Use dash Prepaid Cards for Business?

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We asked the Controller at Dropoff, Lisa Capps, a few questions about the company’s experience using dash prepaid cards for business. With dash, firm control of business expenses is in the palm of your hand. Here’s what Lisa told us:

What Does Dropoff Do?

Dropoff has become the first national brand to modernize the standards of same-day delivery. Through innovative proprietary technology, Dropoff seamlessly becomes an extension of any business and a true logistics partner. We offer real-time tracking and confirmations, transparent pricing, flexible delivery options, feature-rich APIs, and trusted, professional delivery drivers.

How Long Have You Been Using dash?

We’ve been using dash for a year and a half now.

What Challenges Drew You to a Prepaid Card Solution?

We have drivers spread out across the country in 18 markets and are growing quickly. A prepaid card solution makes it so simple to provide them with the resources they need on the road — efficiently and securely. It’s also very helpful that we can track all expenses and have real-time visibility into each card in our account. Whenever an unanticipated expense comes up, having a prepaid card helps manage those situations seamlessly. And for anticipated needs, like drivers in busier areas or who we know generally have higher expenses, we can add more to their pre-paid cards in advance.

What Benefits of Using dash Did You See Right Away?

It so easy to track all of our expenses by category using dash! The process to approve or disapprove requests is fast and simple and can be done from a mobile phone or computer. Real-time notifications for these requests is also helpful, as they can be time-sensitive. The visibility also helps alert us to any suspicious activity in a timely manner.

The prepaid card system saves us a tremendous amount of time that was previously spent reimbursing drivers. We’ve been able to simplify and streamline our processes, easily track costs, and optimize our operations.

The biggest benefit is that dash has been able to grow with us. Each time we have a new user to add, dash sends a card over immediately and pushes our account settings through to the new users.

Would You Recommend dash to Business Owners?

Yes, absolutely! The customer service is excellent, and the platform is very user-friendly.

With the dash™ Mastercard®, your company can enjoy simplicity and flexibility through the use of prepaid cards for business. The flexible business expense management capabilities of dash are available at no cost. Sign up for dash to start enjoying the benefits of prepaid employee expense cards today!