Accountingprose: Profile of a dash Company

We felt the synergy as soon as we connected with Christina Garza, owner of Accountingprose. We loved each other for the same reasons. Both of our companies come armed with innovation, technology, and talent to bring awesome customer experience in traditionally not-so-awesome industries. Accountingprose offers accounting for small business. They describe their bookkeeping, accounting, and virtual CFO team as award winning, tech focused, cloud-based small business accountants based in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s what she has to say about how she got started in her industry and how dash helps her automate her clients workflow:

What does Accountingprose do?
Accountingprose is not your normal accounting service. We are agile, forward thinking, and adopt technology to create efficiencies in both our and our client’s business. We don’t collect paper and bill by the hour. We are young, driven, and excited about our work. We deliver results and create partnerships with our clients. We are Accounting Superheroes.

How did you get started in business?
Prior to starting Accountingprose, I acted as the CFO of a for-profit organization run by the first Western Geshe- the buddhist equivalent of a Doctorate in Theology. I prepared financials for their international tours, which were conducted almost 300 days of the year, and focused heavily on teaching business professional ethics, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. I had taken side projects working with small business owners while acting as CFO and realized that I loved working with local small to medium sized businesses. I handed my position off to a nun, and former CPA, and moved forward with Accountingprose. I have doubled the business year over year for the past five years using the principles I learned in my previous career as CFO.

What keeps you going?
I am a process development geek and accounting tech nerd. I love meeting amazing small business owners and helping them find ways to be more efficient and profitable. I love working with people who are passionate and driven, and I get to do this each day with Accountingprose. It is also a super bonus that I have a fantastic team that keeps the train moving forward and my head on straight. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What tips would you give others in business?
Do what you love and love what you do. If you are passionate about your work, people will see that and will want to work with you. When you get that client base built make sure you treat everyone impeccably, from staff to clients, and always watch your numbers. Your financial statements tell a story, and even though you can’t rewrite history, you can create a beautiful future with your actions today.

How does dash support you in your business success?
dash is an amazing partner to have! We love that dash helps to cut down on the back and forth with our clients and helps us to get to work even faster. We can see exactly where money is going in real time and make adjustments to our trajectory on the fly. We only recommend dash for expense management!

To learn more about Accountingprose check out their site! For answers and support regarding dash, visit or email